Friday, January 30, 2009

We are in the pantie phase!

Campbell now wears panties. Campbell is 99% potty trained. She is such a big girl! We have it totally licked except she has been holding her BM (or #2 as some say). She wakes up dry and stays dry all day even during outings. We just need to tackle the pooping. Campbell has panties in every character imaginable. She loves picking out which pair she will wear everyday. WE are so proud of her!

Way to Go CAMPBELL Q!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I was just looking back through at the blog and noticed Campbell has on the same pjs in two of the blogs. I started thinking of all the clothes this little gal has and how many hundreds of PRINCESS night gowns and various 2 pc long Carter pjs are sitting in the drawer. BUT the ONLY pics I have taken are her in Christmas pjs. The luck!

Lego Land with Daddy!

The finished product!

Tonight daddy is home and Campbell is loving every minute of it. Our family room was turned into our mini Lego land where daddy built multiple castles for Campbell. She loved helping put her own touch on the castles. Once they were built, down she took them for daddy to build another one. Daddy had a tough day today at work with two fatalities in a car wreak. We are always so proud of Jeremy and how hard he works. Sometimes life is too short and Jeremy knows this more than anyone. We are so proud of you Daddy. You are our HERO daily. Besides you make the best princess castles around. WE love you!!

PS. Yes, Christmas pjs are allowed all winter long. They are warm!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are you serious???

I dropped my keys out of my pocket today at school while unloading students off the school bus this morning. No big deal, huh? Well, my friend/assistant, Christie found them at 3:15 after a day of school buses driving back and forth over the same spot where my keys were dropped. The end product... not pretty. I now have a automatic car start, but no remote that works and a transmitter (the remote to lock and unlock) that only works when you are on top of the vehicle pushing the button over and over. Thank goodness for car insurance.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vacation Break! Could it really be over?

The holidays are over, which means tomorrow morning so is my vacation break. The two weeks we have off at Christmas time are one of my favorite times of all year. I love that since I am a teacher I have always had this break since I was a child. I got 2 weeks off as a kid, 3 weeks off as a college student, and now has a professional adult I still get 2 weeks off. Why ever have a different job? I loved being home with Campbell and taking in all the different opportunities to be with her, our family, and our friends. I will have a hard time getting up in the morning since Dec. 19th I have been on my own schedule. Poor little Campbell just doesn't want me going back to work. I can already hear her saying "Momma, you stay here, don't go to work.". It is hard to complain about going back to work when I am so lucky to have this time off with my job. Anyway, with that being said, I will go back with a smile and a little bit of a sad heart that Campbell and I will not be eating our breakfast tomorrow morning and taking in an episode of Imagination Movers. But who says I can't start the count down to the weekend!