Friday, July 17, 2009

The summer is FLYING by

One would think since I am off all summer with my job, I would be better at posting on this blog. Maybe that is the problem. Since I am off, I really don't take the time to sit at the computer to post. So I am sorry. It also doesn't help that when we moved, I forgot to pack the computer cords for our cameras. I just have my flip camera which can plug directly into the computer so I guess I still do not have a good enough excuse.

We are now in our 2nd trimester. I feel great and things are looking wonderful. Only small hiccup was that my thyroid disease got a little too high with this baby, so my meds were increased. Already feeling better with the higher dose meds. Jennifer Binford, Missy (Knowling) Walti's mom, is my OB nurse. It is so comforting knowing someone who I have known for all these years will be and is able to care for not only myself but for this baby. All of you know that having Campbell was a very difficult pregnancy, delivery, with many scares. But Jennifer has a close eye on me and she is excited to be taking care of us as we are to have her. Unfortunately, we are considered high risk with this baby due to my previous pregnancy/delivery with Campbell. But I have a feeling we are going to ROCK this pregnancy out (at least that is what I am telling myself). Sorry Missy it has taken me so long to tell you that your mom is taking care of me. By the way your mom is glowing. She looks and seems so happy. So feel free to tell her that you now know.

Moving into the new house is coming along. Jeremy is off on Sunday for 9 days to get us moved in. Lucky for him, I will be out of his hair because I have to attend a teacher inservice all next week. I will probably have boxes on top of boxes to unpack and sort every night when I get home. FUN!

I will take some pics of the new house this weekend on my flip and I promise to get them posted. In the meantime, here is a video of Campbell jumping off the diving board for the second time in her life. Go Campbell! She is getting so big.
Can it really be that my baby now is jumping off a diving board?