Monday, November 30, 2009

God is good!!!

We went today to have Baker's kidney's scanned... and he was perfect. I swear prayers heal. I am so over the top right now in our news that I could scream from the mountain tops. Jeremy claims he was perfect from the day of conception and was never worried. (Thank you honey). The doctor said his kidneys scanned at 6mm at the most with them trying to get the biggest possible read and in the medical world they do not even worry about the baby kidneys until they show 10 to 12 mm. So baby Baker is good to go. The kicker to all of this is that Baker weighs now a whopping 4lbs 15oz. Almost a 5 pd baby. Remember we brought Campbell home from the hospital at 5pds. The high risk doc thinks that he will weigh close to 9 pds at birth. Bring on that little Butterball, we can't wait. I overall want to thank all my friends and family for all of the prayers and strength you have given Baker and myself. We are so lucky and truly blessed.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hi, Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. We went to the doctor for another ultrasound check on Baker. At our 19 weeks ultrasound we didn't see his bladder empty or fill during our 1.5 hr ultrasound. So they had us return 10 weeks later to recheck his bladder function. Well, not good at this moment. He was diagnosed with Hydronephrosis. (Fetal hydronephrosis is the swelling of the kidney when too much urine collects in the pelvis (or basin) of the kidney. This occurs because there is a blockage of the normally free flow of urine, most commonly in the ureter (the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder), and the urine is not allowed to drain into the bladder. This blockage causes a pressure buildup which causes the kidney to enlarge. The severity of fetal hydronephrosis depends on how large the kidney has ballooned and the extent of the blockage.)
I also have this condition. I was diagnosed at 21 when I encountered the most excruciating pain in my life. After a few surgeries and stints in my kidney, I am doing 100% great. I am hoping that this condition goes away for Baker before delivery (there is a 20% to 35% chance it could). We go back in about 3 1/2 weeks to rescan him and see what the blockage consists of then. IF it is still blocked we will be referred to a high risk doctor and a pediatric urologist. Please keep Baker in your prayers and ask for healing. I know God is already taking good care of him. He already weighs 3 pounds. I will keep everyone posted.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Candy Corn anyone?

Campbell loved Halloween this year, down to the candy, pumpkin carving, trunk or treating at the church, going door to door, and the outfit. She had the trick or treat saying down and would tell everyone, "I'm a candy corn princess" when they came to the door. She did go back and forth though on saying she wanted to be Miley Cirus, but in the end she was happy with her candy corn costume. My parents even got into the spirit by dressing up. My mom was Cruella Deville and my dad was the dog catcher. I thought their outfits were one of the best I have ever seen. They are so cute. My mom is so creative and did a excellent job on making their outfits. Can't believe next year we will be toting around 2 little trick or treaters.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I never thought you would hear these words coming out of my mouth. But for once I am actually relieved that my child was a preemie. Since she was a preemie her pediatrician just called and said she is a candidate for her H1N1 vaccination. Campbell has been hospitalized 5 times before the age of 2, has had 2 surgeries, and with our next baby being due in the hard core winter I am so elated to know she is also maybe protected from the swine flu. So tomorrow we will be at the doctors office with bells on to receive her shot. I hope to never be thankful for her early arrival again because those who know what stress we went through when she was born would never see it has a relief. But today I am truly thankful there is a silver lining.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Fall Ya'll

With the weather being beautiful and Jeremy home for the weekend, we gave Campbell the option of the zoo or the pumkin patch. She chose the pumpkin patch. So off we headed to Smith's Family Farm for a fun filled fall day. She was so excited and such a good girl!

Campbell"s pumpkin!
Family pumpkins! Baby Baker's pumpkin!

The goats were so friendly!
The only pony we could get her to ride.

24 weeks pregnant!
I love my little girl!
Campbell loved the cats, so we made sure to ignore the "free kittens" sign.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Campbell Q!!!!

Our princess is 3. Can it really be? It seems like yesterday I was being rushed in for an emergency C-section being scared to death and looking at Jeremy and knowing our life would never be the same. But somehow through the 2 years of sleepless nights and the countless ups and downs of parenthood, our life is changed for the better. Campbell adds spunk and joy to everyone she meets. She is my pure satisfaction. My side kick who is truly an amazing, bright, and energetic girl. We love you more and more daily. You are everything to us Campbell. Thank you for being you.
She had a blast tonight at Chuck E Cheese!
I will post more pics of her school party, family pool birthday party,
and our ultrasound later this week.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Baker!!!!

The guess work is finally over,

It is officially a BOY!!!!!!

Our friend was able to do an ultrasound for us and looks like it will be Baby Baker. We truly will have the best of both worlds. We will have another formal ultrasound on August 26th, Campbell's 3rd birthday. We will post pics then because my last ultrasound had the wrong name on it and with the whole HIPPA code we needed to take it off. 10 more days and pics will follow.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The summer is FLYING by

One would think since I am off all summer with my job, I would be better at posting on this blog. Maybe that is the problem. Since I am off, I really don't take the time to sit at the computer to post. So I am sorry. It also doesn't help that when we moved, I forgot to pack the computer cords for our cameras. I just have my flip camera which can plug directly into the computer so I guess I still do not have a good enough excuse.

We are now in our 2nd trimester. I feel great and things are looking wonderful. Only small hiccup was that my thyroid disease got a little too high with this baby, so my meds were increased. Already feeling better with the higher dose meds. Jennifer Binford, Missy (Knowling) Walti's mom, is my OB nurse. It is so comforting knowing someone who I have known for all these years will be and is able to care for not only myself but for this baby. All of you know that having Campbell was a very difficult pregnancy, delivery, with many scares. But Jennifer has a close eye on me and she is excited to be taking care of us as we are to have her. Unfortunately, we are considered high risk with this baby due to my previous pregnancy/delivery with Campbell. But I have a feeling we are going to ROCK this pregnancy out (at least that is what I am telling myself). Sorry Missy it has taken me so long to tell you that your mom is taking care of me. By the way your mom is glowing. She looks and seems so happy. So feel free to tell her that you now know.

Moving into the new house is coming along. Jeremy is off on Sunday for 9 days to get us moved in. Lucky for him, I will be out of his hair because I have to attend a teacher inservice all next week. I will probably have boxes on top of boxes to unpack and sort every night when I get home. FUN!

I will take some pics of the new house this weekend on my flip and I promise to get them posted. In the meantime, here is a video of Campbell jumping off the diving board for the second time in her life. Go Campbell! She is getting so big.
Can it really be that my baby now is jumping off a diving board?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Suprise Coming in January

We are pregnant...again!

I am 8 weeks along and doing great. This pregnancy so far has been nothing like carrying Campbell. No morning sickness and feeling nauseous all the time. I feel pretty much normal except being tired and already getting a beer gut. The doctor says your body knows what to do the second time and just goes straight to work. I didn't even get a baby bump with Campbell until about 14 weeks so to be only 8 and have a pooch is funny. We are so excited. A lot of changes with buying the new house next week, moving our school building and into a new home, and now the excitement of another child. We are thrilled and shocked, but oh so blessed! Campbell is very ecstatic and can't wait. She has been to 2 ultrasounds with us and is so mesmerized every time. She will be a fabulous big sister! Here is just a quick home video we shot the week we found out. Thought we would share! PS*** Campbell goes back and forth thinking it is a sister or a brother. She also thinks we should name a brother "Troy" and if it is a sister "Gabriella" after High School Musical. As you can tell, Jeremy is praying for a boy! ha! I am just over the mountain knowing that Campbell will have a sibling.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Forget the fork, I want chopsticks!

Look at the concentration:

Sweet success.
Dinner is so much better with chopsticks!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hotel Jones

Home away from home. We have now been at my parents home for the past 3 1/2 weeks. It seems a little strange that leaving our old home was not as tough on us as I thought it would be. Campbell was a little confused the first couple of weeks,but now coming to Nana's and Poppy's feels like home. Tipper (our dog) has jumped the fence countless times trying to get adjusted to the neighborhood. My mom isn't too big on this jumping the fence deal and Tip quickly realizes she is in the dog house (cage) when she decides to disobey my mom. It does seem strange not to walk by Campbell's nursery and see all of her cute things, but our cozy little studio apartment over my parents garage is now filled with our wardrobes and a few necessities. Jeremy and I joke that having our laundry done and folded on the steps, warm bread from the oven, dinners on the table, and no household chores is the life to live. Jeremy wants to know if we can live here until we retire. My dad has been saying "He childproofed the home, but somehow we still get in". Funny one! I wanted to share some pics of our old home. It is a little weird to drive by our "old home" but we know a new house is out there waiting for us to make it our "HOME".

Monday, April 13, 2009

Have we been hit by a tornado?

Stuff is everywhere!

Everywhere I look there is a box, a pile, a random item, etc. This moving thing is setting me over the edge. I am the person who puts all of Campbell's toys away every night before bed, who doesn't like dishes in her sink, who obsesses what is laying on the table or counter instead of the proper place I would like it to be stored. I am going crazy knowing that my great room is no longer great. That boxes are stacked as tall as me and piles of items on random furniture pieces are now the focus in our home. With the rain today and possibility tomorrow the big move is going slowly. I feel like we have gotten a lot done, but then it is the lingering pieces that lay in a room untouched.

Tomorrow I have called off work for a "mental health" day. It will allow me to do about another 10 hours of packing. My parents are coming over tomorrow to help Jeremy and I. Thank you Mom and Dad. I hope I can go to sleep tomorrow night knowing a few of the rooms are completely done.

I asked for this move, but not in such a fast moving speed. It is almost over. I want us to be out and done packing, but again it is our HOME and bittersweet feelings hang like a cloud.

Wish us luck!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!

Our computer and phone were down for 5 days due to the storm we had on Sunday. Here is the latest run down of our adventures.

Most important thing...
1. Jeremy turned 34 YESTERDAY, sorry for the belated birthday blog wish babe. Without access to a computer it was hard to post. I am glad you had a wonderful day at Purgatory playing golf and family dinner was fun. Happy Birthday and I hope you have a wonderful year to come with lots of wonderful adventures.
2. We are finally in the process of moving. With inspections back today with 6 very minor repairs, we couldn't be happier. We now have the green light to start moving items to storage.

3. Next week they will set the closing date and time. We know at this point, it will be a little before April 30th or on April 30th. The day of closing we give the keys to the new owner. With a little less than 17 days to move and thinking of how we cram 2700 sq ft of items into a 10x25 storage unit, I feel so anxious, excited, and overwhelmed to say the least.

4. I lay awake at night wondering what do I take to storage for the next month or months that I will not need or want for myself or my family. I think I have a pretty good grip on Campbell's items. It is my own, that is hard. How many jeans? How many sweatshirts? Shorts? Capri's? What shoes? Medicine to pitch and which to take? Hair clips, hair ties, headbands? It is one big jumbo cluster of what is really needed. Honestly, not much! And if we get to my parents and do need something, they will probably already have it or it can be bought. Okay then Jess, quit obsessing, right?

5. I went to see one of my best friends, Danielle, who moved to Georgia. It was so great to be with her. I was able to stay up late and sleep until I wanted. It was lovely. The highlight of the trip was our 1 1/2 hour massage at a day spa and sightseeing in all the fab stores in Atlanta. Thanks George and Danielle for hosting me! Can't wait to see you again soon!

6. It also dawned on me I never posted a pic of Campbell's new hair style with the bangs and all. So here she is... our super star.

Now after all of that, who needs a drink?

Friday, March 27, 2009


We sold our house!

Emotions are high and excitement is building. I have prayed for 3 years that whatever is best for my family would happen. It looks like it means we will be leaving this home and adventuring to a new one eventually. In the meantime we are off to my parents to stay with them during the transition. We are having our appraisal done at this very moment as I am typing. Things are moving so fast. I have a lot to be thankful for right now. I am so appreciative of the offer to live with my parents for as long as we need to find the perfect home for "us" in the perfect location for Jeremy's job. I am so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends who have offered to help get us moved in time for the closing of this house. We are fortunate that our house sold for what we wanted in the economic status of real estate and within 2 months time frame.

Overall, we are just blessed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, we got an offer on our house. Wasn't the offer we were ready to accept yet, but we did counter offer. The lady who is interested in buying our home is pretty pushy about the items she wants, the price, the move in date, giving her an answer in less than 24 hours notice, etc. I am wondering if she wants me to just move her furniture in for her as well too. ha! Anyway- I will keep you posted. We have had 6 showings in 6 days. So things are at least happening our way!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where is the rubberband?

What a crazy day!

After getting to school this morning from dropping Campbell off at school, the daycare called. I was thinking that Campbell had gotten sick. Oh was I wrong.

Campbell took her pony tail down and proceeded to stick the hairband up her nose. The teachers tried to get it out when they could see it, but Campbell became upset and ended up snorting it all the way up her nose. Unsure where it went the teachers had to call mommy to see what to do. I called her family doc in which they told me to call her Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. After wrapping her like a mummy, they had to do a scope in her nose/throat to make sure it was not in her airway. The doc told us she is fine and will eventually poop it out.
Wow- never a dull moment.

Needless to say her Aunt Amanda is cutting her hair tonight and she will now have bangs and a new "do" that doesn't need pulled back into a rubberband.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Come on Spring!

Jeremy and I took Campbell to play outside today since the weather was so nice.

She just loves being outside.

She played on the swings. I know she is getting bigger and bigger because she wanted to swing on the "big girl swing" and not in her baby swing.

She made castles in her sandbox and tried to ride on her Dora tricycle. Wow! This spring and summer is going to be so busy with our new "BIG GIRL" independence she has now at the young age of 2 1/2.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two weeks behind

(Campbell loves playing dress up! Here is one get-up!)
The last time I posted we were working on potty training. I am happy to announce we or should I say SHE has it. Campbell is 100% potty trained. No accidents at all this week or so. She finally has all the connections made. I think that is just great. Campbell isn't even 2 1/2 yet.
Go Fruit Loop!
Jeremy has been on a golf trip since Tues night. We are glad to know he is on his way home from Myrtle beach right now and is due to arrive around 2 am. Campbell and I have missed you while you were gone but we know you, Poppy, and friends had fun. I am glad that our pipes didn't freeze or any major hiccups happened while you were gone. We all know I have had them in the past when he has been gone on his golf trips. Campbell told everyone she talked to that "Daddy on a golf trip with Poppy". She is thrilled you will be home tomorrow to play. I will be too!
Our house is up for sale. It has been on the market for almost 3 weeks now. We have had 3 showings. We are hoping to get it sold so we can have our family together more with Jeremy's job. If we live in his Henry Co. Sheriff Department job region, they will let him bring a squad car home and take calls from our house. Please keep your fingers crossed this happens soon!

My two good friends both had birthdays this last month. Happy Birthday to both Danielle and Jennifer. Danielle now is joining the 30 yr old group with me. Welcome!

I went to 3 baby showers over the last 3 weekends. Hilary (Clak) Pohl, Stacey (Weller) Bowman, and Stefanie Christianson. It was so nice to see the girls from high school at the showers. Hil and Stac... I can't wait to meet your little ones.

I need to get off here and start dinner. Just wanted to give a post on the happenings here lately. Enjoy the nice weather this week. I do have to say I love the 2 hour weather delays and closings I have been getting this last month. If only Campbell would sleep in.

Talk later~~~