Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Suprise Coming in January

We are pregnant...again!

I am 8 weeks along and doing great. This pregnancy so far has been nothing like carrying Campbell. No morning sickness and feeling nauseous all the time. I feel pretty much normal except being tired and already getting a beer gut. The doctor says your body knows what to do the second time and just goes straight to work. I didn't even get a baby bump with Campbell until about 14 weeks so to be only 8 and have a pooch is funny. We are so excited. A lot of changes with buying the new house next week, moving our school building and into a new home, and now the excitement of another child. We are thrilled and shocked, but oh so blessed! Campbell is very ecstatic and can't wait. She has been to 2 ultrasounds with us and is so mesmerized every time. She will be a fabulous big sister! Here is just a quick home video we shot the week we found out. Thought we would share! PS*** Campbell goes back and forth thinking it is a sister or a brother. She also thinks we should name a brother "Troy" and if it is a sister "Gabriella" after High School Musical. As you can tell, Jeremy is praying for a boy! ha! I am just over the mountain knowing that Campbell will have a sibling.