Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thanksgiving night we went roller skating with my entire family. It was so much fun. I am not even sure how long it has been since I had last been on skates. Campbell was so agile and one would think she had done it 100 times before. She even skated backwards. She kept saying, "No Mommy I do it by myself.". Campbell would fall down and I would gasp and try to help her up but much to her dismay. She would tell me, Don't touch please, I do it.". What a big girl she is!!!! My little athlete... just like her mom! ha! (I guess I mean dad). Enjoy watching a clip of Campbell before my flip camera died. Wouldn't you think to carry extra batteries (not me). Remind you that I am on skates too and this is the end of the evening. Campbell is one tired child at this point. Talk soon~~~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Husband

Jeremy and I had a wonderful day this week together. I took the day off work just to be with him. We spent the day going to IKEA to just browse. I loved the conversations and just the time we got to spend alone together being "Jessica and Jeremy". It makes me realize how much I really do miss him when he is gone, but how much I not only respect him for providing for us even though it is hard to miss everything he has to miss when he works.

Many of you all know Jeremy has a crazy work schedule which can be difficult not only me, our family, but for him. I know their are many times he rather be at home with his family instead of going to work to take care of other families, but he always goes with a smile. Over the almost 10 years that he has been on the fire department he has rarely complained. He does hate working holidays and missing Campbell do her daily funny things, but again he makes up for it all when he is home.

Jeremy and I have learned that having homemade dinner on the weekends is just as cool as the local restaurant and renting a movie from McDonald's provides as much entertainment as the movies. That bedtimes at ten with all 3 of us piling into our bed and snuggling sure makes us smile after a long day. Rolling on the ground laughing with tickle attacks, playing in the toy kitchen and eating play food, drawing with markers, pretending to be asleep so Campbell can wake us up, singing silly songs, and dancing like no one is watching is a whole of a lot better than any theme park or night club we could attend.

I have become a independent person that I never knew I had the capability to become. Much of this is due to my husband and the strength he instills in me when he has to be gone. He has taught me that just because he is gone at night, I am not alone. That just because he isn't with us everyday, their is not a moment he wishes he wasn't. He loves his vices (poker, computer, watching ESPN) and respects that fact that I need them too. He has never told me no to something I would like to do even if it means it is on the only night he has off. He may not want to always do what I want or even be alone on the nights that I have something else planned, but he always is supportive and understands.

Campbell thinks you hung the moon. I agree. I am lucky to have a husband who works hard, is loving, plays like a kid himself with our daughter, and overall adores his family.

Jeremy- Thank you for being you. You are very unique and that is why I love you.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sick House

I am at home this afternoon from work early with a upset belly and aching in every part of my body. YEA! To make things even worse, our little darling was sent home from daycare (school) today due to her throwing up. Jeremy has to be relieved to be at work today and missing all of the yuckies going around our home. Wish he was here to make things a little bit easier, but thankfully tomorrow he is off. Mommy duties are calling. Hope everyone stays well!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well... Finally...I am here!

After much twisting of my arm, I am here on this blog site. I wasn't ever sure if I would do this or not since I am busy with Campbell (who is now almost 27 months), a husband who works 2 full time jobs, and a job that doesn't allow me much time at a computer. Many of you who know me know I speak in random thoughts and large circles and writing is even more complicated. But hey... it is worth a shot to be connected to all my friends and family. So ... here comes the lives of the Quires!