Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Come on Spring!

Jeremy and I took Campbell to play outside today since the weather was so nice.

She just loves being outside.

She played on the swings. I know she is getting bigger and bigger because she wanted to swing on the "big girl swing" and not in her baby swing.

She made castles in her sandbox and tried to ride on her Dora tricycle. Wow! This spring and summer is going to be so busy with our new "BIG GIRL" independence she has now at the young age of 2 1/2.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two weeks behind

(Campbell loves playing dress up! Here is one get-up!)
The last time I posted we were working on potty training. I am happy to announce we or should I say SHE has it. Campbell is 100% potty trained. No accidents at all this week or so. She finally has all the connections made. I think that is just great. Campbell isn't even 2 1/2 yet.
Go Fruit Loop!
Jeremy has been on a golf trip since Tues night. We are glad to know he is on his way home from Myrtle beach right now and is due to arrive around 2 am. Campbell and I have missed you while you were gone but we know you, Poppy, and friends had fun. I am glad that our pipes didn't freeze or any major hiccups happened while you were gone. We all know I have had them in the past when he has been gone on his golf trips. Campbell told everyone she talked to that "Daddy on a golf trip with Poppy". She is thrilled you will be home tomorrow to play. I will be too!
Our house is up for sale. It has been on the market for almost 3 weeks now. We have had 3 showings. We are hoping to get it sold so we can have our family together more with Jeremy's job. If we live in his Henry Co. Sheriff Department job region, they will let him bring a squad car home and take calls from our house. Please keep your fingers crossed this happens soon!

My two good friends both had birthdays this last month. Happy Birthday to both Danielle and Jennifer. Danielle now is joining the 30 yr old group with me. Welcome!

I went to 3 baby showers over the last 3 weekends. Hilary (Clak) Pohl, Stacey (Weller) Bowman, and Stefanie Christianson. It was so nice to see the girls from high school at the showers. Hil and Stac... I can't wait to meet your little ones.

I need to get off here and start dinner. Just wanted to give a post on the happenings here lately. Enjoy the nice weather this week. I do have to say I love the 2 hour weather delays and closings I have been getting this last month. If only Campbell would sleep in.

Talk later~~~