Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back to work already

I can't believe how three months have flown by and it is time to return to work.  I am ready to see the kids and my colleagues but it is so hard to not be with me own children.  I am feeling a slight bit anxious returning to work.  I am worried about all the conferences I have for kids going to kdgn, all the paperwork involved in special ed that I have been away from, getting my own babies out of the door on time so I am not late, and overall all the little things that I will miss while I am away.  I feel like now that Baker is on prevacid for his reflux, he is such a happy and easy baby.  Campbell is well adjusted now and seems to love being a big sister.  I am truly enjoying being a mom of 2.  I am very blessed to have my life, my husband and my strong and healthy children.  By the way, Jeremy had his little surgery and we will not be having any more kiddos.  WE just can't go through any more NICU stays with our children. Again, how we are so lucky. So think of me tomorrow and all next week as I try to be focused at work and be a good mommy to my students and my own children. Lord help me that I get to work on time.  I always cut it close even before kids, I better just stay up after Baker's middle of the night feeding...ha! 
Baker 10 weeks 


The Bixler Family said...

Best Wishes for a good first day back!


Stacey B. said...

Baker is so pretty. I know you're not suppose to say that about a boy but he's beautiful. Looks just like Campbell. All the best with work. You'll do great!!

mamaw said...

Good Luck on your first week back. I know how hard all of that is, been there done that. You'll do great you're a good mommy!!